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The final price of the trip may be higher depending on the number of people who sign up
Bird watching in La Palma y el Tucan


Zipacon “Zipa’s weeping” is a secret for many, a sacred place where the stories of the Muisca were formed. Hotel La Palma and Tucan is located not far from Zipacon and the owners of the hotel have developed a sustainable economy with more than 200 families, helping them to produce the best quality coffee. It is not only the coffee that recognizes them, it is the way in which they have immersed themselves in these mountains caring for the ecosystem, respecting the free will of the fauna and flora.


This is a tour to thematic hotel, where our hosts will allow us to enjoy the surroundings with style, the best Colombian flavor, enjoying the aroma and the body of a good coffee, with a landscape and a comfort that when we are adventurers and explorers of nature is hard to find.


Meeting point: Calle 63 with Cra 7 in Carulla Grocery Store

Departure time: 5.30 am

Estimated time of arrival in Bogota: 4:00 p m

Maximum capacity: 12 people


Price per person (depends on the total number of participants registered for the trip):

Min 4 pax: $ 330.000

Min 6 pax: $ 245.000

Min 8 pax: $ 200.000

Min 10 pax: $ 175.000


The amount to make the reservation will be the minimum amount of the tour, if eventually the number of participants is less, the remaining amount should be paid on the day of departure.

If you choose payment in Davivienda or in one of our partner stores, we can give you a discount of 5% of the cost of the trip.


The options to make the payment with discount:

  • Bank of Davivienda account Nr. 0051 00074649 on behalf of Carlos Avellaneda.
  • Outdoor stores “14 Ochomiles”:
    • Mall Andino: Local 340 Bogotá.
    • North of Bogotá: Calle 122 Nr.18-56.
    • North of Bogotá: Cra 15 Nr.96-67.
    • Mall “Gran Estación”: Local 1-49 Bogotá.
  • Outdoor store “Gangas Inc”:
    • Neighborhood Galerías:  Cra 17 Nr 52-85 (Local 203).


We give thanks to Christian Irian @christian_de_la_selva for the bird photos


Express transportation round trip

Bilingual birding guide


Vegan lunch

Entrance fee to the area of the hotel


Not included: 

Breakfast and dinner

Personal expenses

  • During wildlife observation tours, priority must be given to SILENCE. Animals should not be fed or contacted.
  • In order to have an excellent birding experience bring BINOCULARS
  • It is very important to follow the instructions of the guide
  • Review the recommendations and tools that appear on our website
  • Registration deadline: thursday before departure


How to be prepared for one day treks
  • Carry an ergonomic backpack of about 30 liter capacity.
  • Wear breathable, water resistant clothes. Dress accordingly to climate conditions of the destination your are going to visit. Quick dry clothes are strongly recommended. Avoid jeans.
  • Do not use brand new shoes in any of our treks. Hiking or trekking boots are recommended.
  • Bring additional clothes just in case you need to change for a comfortable trip back to Bogota. Your additional clothes can be stored in our bus while you are trekking. You don’t have to carry them in your backpack.
  • Please bring a plastic bag to take trash you produce back to the city.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Use caps or hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • For some people, trek poles are useful to keep a good balance while walking.
  • If needed, bring any medicine you might have to take.
  • Bring your personal documents always with you. Personal ID and medical insurance.
  • Bring your own food and beverages. Restaurants will not be found along the day. We recommend to take sandwiches, peanutsor cereal bars and about 350ml to 500ml of your preferred hydration beverage.
  • Do not bring jewelry.
  • Protect your electronic devices and documents from rain and dust. If you don’t have a highly protective case for your electronics, a plastic ziploc bag will do.
  • Do not use camo clothes. They are forbidden for civil use in Colombia.
  • Do not bring cigarettes, beer, wines or spirits.
  • If you haven’t had enough sleep, if you feel sick or if you have a hangover, please do not  book trekking activities.
  • If you are pregnant, have an injury or a medical condition that represents a limitation for physical activities, please follow your physician’s instructions accordingly.



Choose the date and number of friends that will travel with you:

1.800 m.a.s.l.


18-27 ºC


Andean region

Additional information

Fecha de entrega

24 of March


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