Difficulty degrees

The tours realized by Caminantes del Retorno normally are suitable for inexperienced travelers or hikers. In exceptional cases we previously warn about a higher difficulty degree.   All travelers must always have an open mind to face variable weather or terrain conditions. To be prepared for cold, heat or rain is the essence of this activity that always gives us a great satisfaction for a simple reason to enjoy the natural beauty with all its elements.

Our scale of the degrees of difficulty is developed based on our experience gained over 26 years of work. Our objective is to give a basic idea with some useful information to participants, nevertheless one should keep in mind that each person is responsible for its own health and to have an adequate physical preparation for the activity. In each description of our destinations there is always some general information about the route/trip which gives an idea about the conditions and characteristics of the tour.

Note that the goal of any activity is to enjoy the nature and in no circumstances it is a competition. A company of our guides is an important support we give to our travelers in order to assure the tranquility and fun during the whole trip.  

  • Low: hiking up to 5 km in a period of 2 to 3 hours at a slow pace. Normally those are undulating terrains with short ascents. These type of trips are suitable for children, corporative and family events.
  • Intermediate: Hiking between 5 and 10 km in a period of 3 to 5 hours at a slow pace. Almost all our trips fall into this category. Conditions of the terrain can be variable. These are hikes suitable for people in a good physical condition, with lots of courage and no need to be specialized athletes.
  • High: Trips normally consist of hiking distances more than 10 km and can take more than 5 hours. These trips/hikes are very interesting for experts and a good challenge for novice hikers. To make a bit more of effort allows us to realize more adventures trips in different regions with many contrasts.


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