How to prepare for multiple day trips

  • Backpack of at least 60 l capacity (to carry on the back). 
  • Consider the number of days of the trip, the climate and bring only the most necessary items. 
  • Wrap your clothes in plastic bags so that they don’t get wet.
  • Use waterproof and breathable clothing in small quantities. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing that dries quickly. Do not use jean. Clothing from specialized outdoor stores recommended. 
  • Boots with a good grip. Do not wear brand new shoes. 
  • Towel.
  • Hat or cap.
  • In warm/hot weather use repellent and consider vaccination.
  • Hygiene items in small quantities (nature friendly if possible).
  • Water bottle, flashlight, knife and small household items for eating like plate, spoon, cup. (if that is the case). 
  • If camping, a camping stove, lighter, small mattress, sleeping bag and a tiny pillow is used. 
  • Personal documents.

 General Recommendations

  • For all hikes it is necessary to bring lunch and water.
  • Not always it is possible to find a place where to have a breakfast on the road, the participants should be prepared in case we don’t find one. 
  • Carry as little as possible and do not carry glass elements.
  • Use of sunscreen is recommended.
  • Always walk with your hands free.
  • Do not wear jewelry, rings or chains.
  • Protect your electronic devices and personal documents from rain and humidity
  • We recommend using a good quality walking stick. 
  • Do not use clothing of camouflaged colors or designs.
  • Do not carry cigarettes or alcohol.
  • Wearing sun glasses is recommended.
  • Bring medication you trust
  • If possible avoid carrying cellphones in order to enjoy the scenery 
  • Do not attend any hike if you stayed up late, have been drinking.
  • Do not attend any hike being pregnant.


We organize tailored tours for individual groups on the dates that work best for you. The program may change due to unexpected circumstances or factors beyond control of CAMINANTES DEL RETORNO.

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