Exploring nature in Colombia since 1985

Travel agency and professional guides specialized in nature tourism

Caminantes del Retorno are alumni of Andres Hurtado Garcia at the school Champagnat. Since 1977 when he became a teacher at the institution we were his main followers and the call of nature in our lives has always been a particular and indelible mark. A 30 year long journey has led us to love Colombia at its full from elementary paths to marvelous still unexplored places. In the 80's we opened our horizons spreading our activities throughout the country and in early 90's we formed a group that grew with the same objective of  landscape disclosure, promotion of national identity and respect for the nature.
In this first decade of the twenty-first century we have progressed in strengthening our identity. We created a magazine called RETORNO and developed new communication strategies to raise awareness of our country with emphasis on conservation and environmental education.From this perspective we have develop environmental education programs, hiking, excursions, expeditions, lectures, photo exhibitions, print and audiovisual projects.
We are a group of guides all professionals in eco tourism and enrolled in the National Register of tourism.
Our greatest strength is the extensive experience and knowledge of the most beautiful places in Colombia.

Our phones: Mobiles - 310 246 6716, 315 249 0090, 320 222 4522, Office (571) - 459 7839


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