Only 2 steps to register for our trips:

1. Make the deposit in the savings account Banco Davivienda Nr. 0051 7022 0510 on behalf of Laura Luse. Deposits made form outside Bogotá have an additional costo of $ 10.000 for transfers between cities. 

Reservations can also be made in the 3 subsidiaries of the outdoor store  "14 Ochomiles" located in: Andino Shopping Center, store 340, Calle 122 Nr.18-56, Cra 15 Nr.96-67, Bogotá.

2. Confirm the deposit sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the name, ID number and the contact number of the participant. After having recieved the confirmation we will send you an email with all the trip details. No registration will be completed without  recieving the confirmation email.

  • Registration closing date: Thursdays for Sunday hikes and 7 days before the multiple-day trips
  • Submit the payment receipt on the day of departure.
  • The departure point is Calle 63 with Carrera 7, in front of Carulla. In case we do not complete the minimum number of passengers for express transportation we will take the public transport. In that case the departure point may vary according to the route and is normally announced 1-2 days before the departure.
  • Our mobilehpones are: 310 246 6716,  315 249 0090, 320 222 4522. Office phone (571) 459 7839


Refund policy

  • In case of multi-day trips if you make a deposit and do not travel, no money will be refunded. In order not to lose the money deposited, it is possible to postpone the trip with at least 3 day notice before the initial trip. 
  • In case of one day trips, if the deposit is made and the person does not assist, no money is refunded. It is possible to postpone the booking for some other hike with at least 24 hours notice before the initial trip (subject to availability). 
  • If the trip is cancelled for any resaon beyond control of Caminantes del Retorno, no refund will be made and the trip will be re-scheduled on a different date. 
  • If we fail to complete the minimum number of participants for our day hikes (min 4 pax), Caminantes del Retorno may cancel the trip and will return the money to the participants. Optionally the participants may keep the reservation for some following event. 


We organize tailored tours for individual groups on the dates that work best for you. The program may change due to unexpected circumstances or factors beyond control of CAMINANTES DEL RETORNO.

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