Los Nevados National Park


Altitude 4.000 m.a.s.l.
Temperature 10 ºC
Duration 3 days
Difficulty Intermediate
Cost from $510.000

It supplies water to five different departments and the park´s influence area is also the heart of coffee culture. The park is characterized by a large set of volcanoes mostly with some degree of activity, located between 4000 and 5300 m. Three of these fire mountains conserve their glaciers very close to their smoking craters. In the steep slopes of the mountains expand areas of mountain forest that preserve many river channels.

The páramo is highlighted by mountain lakes of stunning colors due to the mineral content of volcanic soil. In some areas there are “fraylejones” breaking all size records reaching up to 8 meters which is an indicator of the high degree of conservation of the flora in the reserve.

In the park it is still possible to find the spectacled bear, puma and other species in danger of extinction of this particular ecosystem.   The park is a sanctuary for the practice of mountain climbing and trekking for the variety of options presented in the area.


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