Panda Lake


Altitude 3.200 m.a.s.l.
Temperature 10 - 15 ºC
Duration 1 day
Difficulty Intermediate
Cost $55.000

Panda Lake is located in the upper part of the Guasca Páramo, about 4 km from the road Guasca - Junin. The surroundings are characterized by steep valleys, páramo with “frailejones” and abundant sources of water. The path is mostly a rolling terrain and allows the traveller to appreciate the Junin and Guasca valleys simultaneously. This sector also belongs to the Chingaza national park.

The cost of the hike includes transportation and guidance. Each person must bring his own lunch and wate.  Always be prepared for weather changes. It is important to bring some spare cloth to change after the hike in case of heavy rain.


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